About Us

Our goal is to help 100,000 people to save on average $50,000.00 on their student loans, putting $5 Billion dollars back into their local economy.

Customer Testimonials

Student Loan 411 LLC is a consulting and advisory services firm.    We focus on financial literacy for post- secondary education purchases.  Financial literacy includes return on investment (ROI), financing, defining affordability, student loan debt (acquisition, repayment, and re-financing).  We specialize in student loan debt management.  Our objective is to assist the borrower with payback options that result in the lowest payment in the shortest amount of time.

We help borrowers to achieve affordable payments and achieve loan forgiveness.  Most of the dollars paid in student loan debt don’t remain the local economy.  By helping borrowers pay less legally we are also helping the local economy by ensuring that there are more dollars available to spend locally.  The outcomes include:

  • helping borrowers understand the risk of the student loans;
  • helping borrowers be educated about the terms and conditions for the student loans;
  • helping borrowers that are attempting a major purchase to optimize their student loan payments;
  • helping borrowers avoid default;
  • helping borrowers that have defaulted overcome the default and achieve an affordable payment plan;
  • helping employers  find a cost effective way to provide student loan debt repayment services to all employees;
  • helping employers attempting to provide an EAP benefit for student loans; and
  • helping employers attempting to provide a general student loan benefit


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