Coaching Services

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Student Loan 411 LLC has helped student loan borrowers, their parents, their colleges and their employers get the hard to find, real honest truth about their student loan debt, and the best options for repayment.  Colleges and employers they want to help.  There are better ways and worse ways to help.  We help colleges and employers ensure that the help they provide helps, not makes the problem worse.

The most common form of “help” is to suggest refinancing.  But rarely is the risk of refinance covered.  We will walk you through all of the options available to you in the federal programs as well as inform you of the risks associated with private refinance.

Borrowers move on to paying for their lives and not just their student loans.

Real Analysis Based Upon Your Real Data. The Real Facts Regarding Your Loan Options.

Coaching is a fee per hour service. Coaching services can be on any issue related to college financing or solving student loan debt repayment issues for student loan borrowers, their colleges and universities, and/or their employers including:

  • individual borrowers attempting to solve a debt issue;
  • a parent attempting to predict how affordable student loan payments will be
  • individual borrower attempting to predict the ROI for further schooling
  • a college or university attempting to lower the default rate
  • a college or university attempting to improve borrower repayment statistics
  • an employer attempting to find a cost effective way to provide student loan debt repayment services to all employees
  • an employer attempting to provide an EAP benefit for student loans
  • an employer attempting to provide a general student loan benefit


  1. Start by contacting us.  Describe the challenge you are trying to solve, and we will start the process.
  2. We gather information, scope the effort to get started.
  3. We meet either in person or on the phone to discuss the issues, the options and the direction for resolution of the issue.

Why wait?  Make an appointment.