Which Midwestern universities graduate students with the most debt?

Our CEO, Ce Cole Dillon, was quoted in the March 24, 2017 Special Report of

Crain’s Chicago Business .  Read the full article on Crain’s Chicago Business.



The Take-Away Crain’s Chicago Business

Our CEO, Ce Cole Dillon, was featured in the October 11, 2016 Edition of Crain’s Chicago Business in a mini-exec profile.  She was lauded as a student loan crusader, a Democratic National Committee (DNC) Delegate, and a major trivia buff. Read the full article on Crain’s Chicago Business.


Our CEO, Ce Cole Dillon quoted on refinancing student loans in Chicago Inno.  ”

“People with high five figure or six figure debt need a long time to pay that back [in order for] payments be reasonable,” said Ce Cole Dillon, founder of Chicago loan advising startup School Loan 411.”The problem is that it is hard to forecast what will happen in the next 10 years.”

If you choose to go to a private lender, you’re not necessarily covered by some of the same protections as with federal loans. Dillon pointed out that if you default on federal loans, there are more options to lower or delay payments, such as forbearance.”  Read the rest of the article here


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